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I'm a CrashTest Dummy 
I lean into the unknown frontier of and explore the the most complex or confusing parts of the commercial system and gain the empathy and understanding to resolve the most fractured procees or withstand the most heated friction points.  I collect the data to help you see what's next coming so you can start moving forward faster. 


I'm a Primary Researcher 
I am professional trained to make observations, develop positions, build survey instruments to capture evidence, write findings, and present them. Here, I am keynoting a conference at Forrester where I commonly received the highest scores in the company. 

I Create Community
All companies are going to have to learn how to create and navigate agreement networks inside both their companies and their customers.  I created the Sales Enablement Society to learn how to do that so I would have first hand experience before developing any solutions for it.  If we graded me by the expectations of an account plan, I was wildly successful.  Part of this site it to help capture and share those lessons. This is the formation of the Sales Enablement Society with 100 commercial leaders mostly from major corporations and a few influencers.  Be mindful about people claiming to be founders.
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I Have Intense Conversations
I constantly practice and prepare for challanging and executive group conversations where people have different perspectives on the same topic. This is a readout from a two day executive council and case study with Senior Executives from a diverse group companies and industries.  Executive Committee level conversation that raise challanges are so much more different and difficult to prepare for than status or update discussions.  Salespeople will have to have more of these conversations with their customers moving to the future.

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I am Discovering Resonance
The effectiveness of communication is measured by intended action.  Success is about persuading people to accept a new narrative. This is the only instruction for a working session for a cross functional team during and engagement.  The quest:  To simply all sales support and strategy behind these five simple and customer verifiable actions.  

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I Launch Journeys
Success is a story waiting to be told.  To understand what will happen, you have to experience it. In this case, I'm leading a cohort of various people through an "experience room" to allow people to experience first hand all of the complexity within B2B companies and particlate by commenting and debating within the environment itself.

Photo Aug 29, 14 24 23.jpg
I Ask the Hard Questions 
The elephant in the room is rarely addresses because companies do not set up the right environment to discuss to productively.  So, conflict is avoided at all costs.  In this case, I'm asking an incredibility simple question about their customers business that no one can answer without talking about their products.

I Resolve Conflict to Catalize Growth
Once we have a shared understanding of the core problem, its time to create a solution envorment and put everything out there to allow people to see things they didn't see and make connections.  At this moment I am facilitating peoples various reactions and seeking clarity.   Eventually, at least 80% of this material went away because it wasn't needed anymore.


I Convert Momentum into Success
I often will be the first presenter of the new approach to sales and take on the risk for success or failure.  This always goes well because the core design point for all of this it to make conversations reasonate.  The fear factor, of coures is how different all of the outputs look because they are not designed to "explain."  

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