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Are You an Explorer?

Are you...

Drawn to Complex Problem?

They are the people who are called to a challenge.   In this case, you are drawn to the process of understanding a new idea, developing that idea into an insight, introducing  that insight to other people , persuading them to explore that idea and converting it into a shared insight, then working with that other person until the reach their envisioned outcome. 

Willing to Discover the Unknown?

They feel something is very wrong with the commercial systems (which includes sales, marketing, and customers) and are willing to explore the uncertain of what's outside the cave in the darkness.

Able to Embrace Conflict?

They understand their path forward is rife with conflict and they will engage resistance either because they have not figured out the formula yet and are pushing too much, or - they have cracked the code and are upsetting the people who are in charge and holding the reign.  

Eager to Get in The Ring?

They are exhausted by the blowhards that proclaim what should be done, but have no skin in the game for the results.   They either want to learn about the the secretes of success for other top players who are also in the ring, or desperately want to be challenged and guided by people who've done more then themself.

Humble and Hungry?

They are the humble but hungry - the people who seek the smartest person in the room and are very different from those who what to be it.  They believe in something bigger than themselves but have the ambition to be the best they can be.  

Seeking a TRIBE that Seeks the Truth?

 They are people who know that success requires other people but know they need to find "energizers" and not "energy vampires."  The concept of engaging with people outside their traditional networks and being listened to, challenged, and held accountable for the greater good excites them. 

Is this You?

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