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Our Services are currently 100% free of charge but only available for people who have the courage to "get on the court" not judge from the stands.   This is a modern, collaborative research site dedicated to uncover the what works with sales and marketing into todays highly dynamic, digital world.


WHO are we looking for? 

People who seek "the truth" and are hungry to improve the state of B2B sales and marketing but humble who want to build upon and leverage what's worked from other people. 


The Curious Seeking Their Tribe An invitation only, free service seeking only people who:  have the courage to explore the unknown, the ability to deal with volatility, the capacity to confront complexity and understand the need to publish shared insights to combat ambiguity.  

Story Builder

What's Different in a Good Way Under development right now and only available to explorers and currently a free service.   The purpose is to uncover your "unconscious competence" challenge your instincts and convert tactic knowledge to explicit ideas.

HERO Academy

Communicate and Use Your Power Enabling success for your company, your group or others requires developing powers of perspective. H - Holistic  E - Engineered  R - Reality  O -Ongoing Operation This too is only available to explorers.

All Services are Complimentary For People Who Meet Standards of Explorers.

  • Humble and hungry 
  • Curious passionate about the journey 
  • Know something isn't quite right, seek to find it  
  • Embrace the scientific method 
  • Understand the power of finding areas to agree and publishing 
  • Eager and willing to engage 
  • Mission oriented 

Choose your pricing plan

  • Explorer Member

    People dedicated to uncovering the mystery of success, and jointly sharing information.
    Free Plan
    • Power of two process
    • Participation in the insight factory process
    • Direct access to Scott Santucci
    • Publish credits for work
    • Perpetual royalty-free access to byline credited material
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